30. august 2014


So Lasse and Naja is now going to be official. I'm thrilled... and confused. Lasse is still being kind of flirty, but I guess it's just me misreading the signals. He broke up with his Girlfriend, which is GREAT news for Naja.
She just claims that he keeps flirting with others... which I kind of get. He's very flirty, no matter what gender you may be. So I understand her, and wouldn't hold it against her.
She slept over, the other day, and I might actually guided her to be mad at him. I told her, that if someone did something wrong, they should be treated the same way, as you think they would treat you, in the exact same situation. For Naja it wasn't so hard. Maybe a bit.

Next day, only 2 hours after Naja and I split up, Lasse texted me. Naja is mad at me. She completely put him on ice, and I kind of guided her to do so. She wrote to me, that she wanted to keep going, but had some troubles doing so - what could I say, other than Just keep putting him on ice.

I'm a homewrecker. A complete homewrecker.

But don't worry, they made up and make out. No doubt. Only yesterday, they had a similar fight. Guess what - Lasse seemed to had make out with another girl, at this friday's party. Naja had might put him on ice, but that ice sure is skin thin.

Lasse wrote to me, only half an hour after, that he couldn't bare it anymore. He loved her. He really did. Maybe I wasn't such a homewrecker after all. I was just the friend they had in common.

I'm a common friend. Not a homewrecker, a friend.

I liked that a lot better. But as I tried to calm down Lasse, Naja seemed to had put me on Ice. No answer at all. She's the one I hold the dearest of those two. But after 3pm, there was no answer from any of them. Even though I invited Lasse over for the evening, as he was begging to.
I felt kind of worried.

What if they split? I have to choose Naja, but Lasse kind of opened up to me, in ways Naja never had.
No reason to doubt them anyways. Lasse just wrote to me. They're fine, and he spent the night at her place.

I'm still not a homewrecker.

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