23. august 2014

Friday night party

I guess any other party could be like this.
I'm having fun. 
Getting drunk.
Dancing all night long. 
Partying with some of the best friends ever. 
Planning on going out clubbing afterwards, perf.
... and there they were - Naja and Lasse. 
They are really cute together! 

And as I was running around with Naja, Lasse seemed to be running around with another girl, on his back. It looked really suspicious, and as Naja got mad, Lasse just kept running. Only few moments after, he would find out, how much that meant to Naja. Upcoming fight, oh yeah. 

They seemed to be alright, an hour later. Only Naja had this weird expression in her face, which seemed to be the mix of crushing, hatred and jealousy. What was coming up, came as a surprise. 
They're fine, she assured. 
She quickly turned to me, as we walked inside again, telling me a quite disturbing thing. 

Lasse wants to make out with you. Wait, what? He told Naja that? Wow. He's smooth. 

But it kind of describes, why he tried to pull me closer, why he put his arm around me. 
I'm a bit disturbed and flattered now. 

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