21. august 2014


Let's put it out there.
I've been writing with probably one of my best friend's - ehm, I think you can call him... fuckbuddy. They are friends with benefits, even though he definitely wants more. Which he had wanted for more than a year.
So why is this such a big deal?
You see, I might have given him some advice, and been texting him for hours straight, which might have made my friend jealous. But again, I'm giving him advice on how to break up, with his current girlfriend. Oh yeah, didn't I mention? My friend could actually be called a mistress, the other woman or another word for it. He wants to break up with his girlfriend, so that he can be with Naja.
But here tonight she told me, that he kind of turned into an emo, after a cabin-trip with their class.
He didn't really turn into an emo, he's just sulkily and seems distracted. But I haven't noticed this quite yet - even though he's more than willing to chat with me. But not Naja?
I'm confused.
Today I ran into Naja, who spoke with Lasse < Oh yeah, that's his name. As soon as I walked in, he shut his mouth, which wasn't new. Everytime we've ran into each other face2face, he becomes completely silent - which is strange, compared to when we chat. But he just stands there, and look at me, while I try to communicate with him... and Naja, she's usually around.
The main theme is here - what's the deal? Does he have like some sort of crush on me? He has complimented my clothing, my style, my looks, my great advice-giving me... or what ever.
It's sweet of him, I must admit.
And we do have a lot in common. But he's screwing Naja, which is a girl. I'm sure he has screwed many girls before - I mean, DAMN, you should see him. Okay, whipe the floor and clean it.

But if he's having sex with Naja, then he can't have a crush on me...
I'm a guy.

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