28. august 2014

Army dudes

Even though it might sound like an erotic episode, it was quite chaotic. It went down a lot like this: 
Me, as stubborn as I can be, was out for a midnight run. I know it's a normal school night, but I really felt for it... for some unknown reason. And as I was running, I saw this shortcut, which I've looked at a couple of times, when I've been running that route. 

I took it. No reason to run half a kilometer extra, right? 

So there I stood, in the middle of a mark. Lost and confused. I should never have taken that shortcut. I could see absolutely nothing - as the dark has swallowed the night. I tried my phone, which of course decided to turn off, as soon as I opened the Maps-app. No light, no sign of other late night-explorers in sight... except the weird noises I heard from the bushes. I ran and ran, and I must admit, that I have no idea of, where I was going. I just kept going.
So what happened next? I saw some lights in the distance.  
It wasn't just some lights, it was the same old creepy lights, as I saw when I hit off my little misdirection. But it was far in the distance, I guess I had no other choice. But as lucky as I am, what happened next was just my luck. 

As this car pulled up, right in front of me, I noticed the uniforms of military men. They told me I was on their property, and as soon as I told them about my small night adventures, they grinned (with warmth!), and told me that they could give me a ride. Any normal and sane person would of course say yes.

So I said no. 
... thinking of the unauthorised pocket-knife, which I was carrying. 
I mean come on, no sane person would go out for a run, through dark forests and marks, without any kind of protection. But again, I just claimed to be the opposite of sane, as I turned down their generous offer. 

The morale is: Don't try to take shortcuts, when running alone in the deep unknown, at midnight. 

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