30. august 2014


So Lasse and Naja is now going to be official. I'm thrilled... and confused. Lasse is still being kind of flirty, but I guess it's just me misreading the signals. He broke up with his Girlfriend, which is GREAT news for Naja.
She just claims that he keeps flirting with others... which I kind of get. He's very flirty, no matter what gender you may be. So I understand her, and wouldn't hold it against her.
She slept over, the other day, and I might actually guided her to be mad at him. I told her, that if someone did something wrong, they should be treated the same way, as you think they would treat you, in the exact same situation. For Naja it wasn't so hard. Maybe a bit.

Next day, only 2 hours after Naja and I split up, Lasse texted me. Naja is mad at me. She completely put him on ice, and I kind of guided her to do so. She wrote to me, that she wanted to keep going, but had some troubles doing so - what could I say, other than Just keep putting him on ice.

I'm a homewrecker. A complete homewrecker.

But don't worry, they made up and make out. No doubt. Only yesterday, they had a similar fight. Guess what - Lasse seemed to had make out with another girl, at this friday's party. Naja had might put him on ice, but that ice sure is skin thin.

Lasse wrote to me, only half an hour after, that he couldn't bare it anymore. He loved her. He really did. Maybe I wasn't such a homewrecker after all. I was just the friend they had in common.

I'm a common friend. Not a homewrecker, a friend.

I liked that a lot better. But as I tried to calm down Lasse, Naja seemed to had put me on Ice. No answer at all. She's the one I hold the dearest of those two. But after 3pm, there was no answer from any of them. Even though I invited Lasse over for the evening, as he was begging to.
I felt kind of worried.

What if they split? I have to choose Naja, but Lasse kind of opened up to me, in ways Naja never had.
No reason to doubt them anyways. Lasse just wrote to me. They're fine, and he spent the night at her place.

I'm still not a homewrecker.

28. august 2014

Army dudes

Even though it might sound like an erotic episode, it was quite chaotic. It went down a lot like this: 
Me, as stubborn as I can be, was out for a midnight run. I know it's a normal school night, but I really felt for it... for some unknown reason. And as I was running, I saw this shortcut, which I've looked at a couple of times, when I've been running that route. 

I took it. No reason to run half a kilometer extra, right? 

So there I stood, in the middle of a mark. Lost and confused. I should never have taken that shortcut. I could see absolutely nothing - as the dark has swallowed the night. I tried my phone, which of course decided to turn off, as soon as I opened the Maps-app. No light, no sign of other late night-explorers in sight... except the weird noises I heard from the bushes. I ran and ran, and I must admit, that I have no idea of, where I was going. I just kept going.
So what happened next? I saw some lights in the distance.  
It wasn't just some lights, it was the same old creepy lights, as I saw when I hit off my little misdirection. But it was far in the distance, I guess I had no other choice. But as lucky as I am, what happened next was just my luck. 

As this car pulled up, right in front of me, I noticed the uniforms of military men. They told me I was on their property, and as soon as I told them about my small night adventures, they grinned (with warmth!), and told me that they could give me a ride. Any normal and sane person would of course say yes.

So I said no. 
... thinking of the unauthorised pocket-knife, which I was carrying. 
I mean come on, no sane person would go out for a run, through dark forests and marks, without any kind of protection. But again, I just claimed to be the opposite of sane, as I turned down their generous offer. 

The morale is: Don't try to take shortcuts, when running alone in the deep unknown, at midnight. 

23. august 2014

Friday night party

I guess any other party could be like this.
I'm having fun. 
Getting drunk.
Dancing all night long. 
Partying with some of the best friends ever. 
Planning on going out clubbing afterwards, perf.
... and there they were - Naja and Lasse. 
They are really cute together! 

And as I was running around with Naja, Lasse seemed to be running around with another girl, on his back. It looked really suspicious, and as Naja got mad, Lasse just kept running. Only few moments after, he would find out, how much that meant to Naja. Upcoming fight, oh yeah. 

They seemed to be alright, an hour later. Only Naja had this weird expression in her face, which seemed to be the mix of crushing, hatred and jealousy. What was coming up, came as a surprise. 
They're fine, she assured. 
She quickly turned to me, as we walked inside again, telling me a quite disturbing thing. 

Lasse wants to make out with you. Wait, what? He told Naja that? Wow. He's smooth. 

But it kind of describes, why he tried to pull me closer, why he put his arm around me. 
I'm a bit disturbed and flattered now. 

21. august 2014


Let's put it out there.
I've been writing with probably one of my best friend's - ehm, I think you can call him... fuckbuddy. They are friends with benefits, even though he definitely wants more. Which he had wanted for more than a year.
So why is this such a big deal?
You see, I might have given him some advice, and been texting him for hours straight, which might have made my friend jealous. But again, I'm giving him advice on how to break up, with his current girlfriend. Oh yeah, didn't I mention? My friend could actually be called a mistress, the other woman or another word for it. He wants to break up with his girlfriend, so that he can be with Naja.
But here tonight she told me, that he kind of turned into an emo, after a cabin-trip with their class.
He didn't really turn into an emo, he's just sulkily and seems distracted. But I haven't noticed this quite yet - even though he's more than willing to chat with me. But not Naja?
I'm confused.
Today I ran into Naja, who spoke with Lasse < Oh yeah, that's his name. As soon as I walked in, he shut his mouth, which wasn't new. Everytime we've ran into each other face2face, he becomes completely silent - which is strange, compared to when we chat. But he just stands there, and look at me, while I try to communicate with him... and Naja, she's usually around.
The main theme is here - what's the deal? Does he have like some sort of crush on me? He has complimented my clothing, my style, my looks, my great advice-giving me... or what ever.
It's sweet of him, I must admit.
And we do have a lot in common. But he's screwing Naja, which is a girl. I'm sure he has screwed many girls before - I mean, DAMN, you should see him. Okay, whipe the floor and clean it.

But if he's having sex with Naja, then he can't have a crush on me...
I'm a guy.